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Tides from the New Worlds

Tides from the New Worlds
I've always been proud of the "diversity of writing modes and fantastic sub-genres" (as Alvaro Zinos-Amaro at Strange Horizons phrased it) I've managed to see published, but I've always wanted to bring them together between the pages of one book.
About the Book

One of the things some people notice about my bibliography is that my short fiction has been published in a variety of different venues. From the glossy magazine Science Fiction Age (sadly no longer with us) to anthologies to online venues, a very wide range of editors have snagged a wide variety of stories.

I’ve always been proud of the “diversity of writing modes and fantastic sub-genres” (as Alvaro Zinos-Amaro at Strange Horizons phrased it) I’ve managed to see published, but I’ve always wanted to bring them together between the pages of one book.

Now I have that very artifact.

Tides From the New Worlds features a number of my previously published stories, and one new story never before published.

Table of Contents:

Fish Merchant
In The Heart of Kalikuata
The Shackles of Freedom (with Mike Resnick)
Shoah Sry (with Ilsa Bick) [only in the print limited edition from Wyrm Publishing]
In Orbite Medievali
Four Eyes
Spurn Babylon
Death’s Dreadlocks
Smooth Talking
Something In The Rock
A Green Thumb
The Duel
All Her Children Fought
Toy Planes


“…the characters also stand out among those in the wider field of spec fic. Buckell focuses on men and women on the fringe, either in terms of class, race, or nationality. His protagonists are often the lowliest members of society (or the galaxy), and they afford us a fresh take on the world.” I Am Razorwing

“Buckell’s stories, culturally informed and layered, are driven by plot, rather than character or concept; Story tends to be centerpiece. He is this sense a little like a mellowed, more pragmatic, hipper version of Octavia Butler.” Strange Horizons

“Buckell has a clipped style of writing, a way of packing in a lot of story into what is not written, and so his stories, while often quite short, manage to have significant depth.” Grasping for the Wind

“In Tides from the New Worlds, Tobias Buckell does what the best SF/F writers do: tells stories that touch our minds with wonder and endow our hearts with perception. Reading this collection, for those of us culture-bound West or East, brings science fiction and fantasy to a fresh awakening. And for those of us who miss seeing ourselves in the fiction we so often read, it’s quite moving.” –Tor.com

“Tides from the New Worlds is a must-read for all fans of Tobias Buckell. Strongly recommended.” The Deckled Edge

“Two themes at work throughout much of Tides from the New Worlds are the infusion of science fiction and fantasy with a distinctive Caribbean, multi-racial feel (including varied, typically non-Western settings) and the clash of the Western world other parts of the world, particularly the Caribbean. To these aims, Buckell utilizes many standard SFF tropes, adding his distinctive twists, with stories revolving around such varied ideas as first contact, slavery, zombies, ghosts, religion, sailing and the sea, ancient gods, dryads, dwarves, mythology, folklore, etc.” Nethspace

“There might also be a misconception that Buckell’s character’s aren’t fleshed out but that’s not the case. Instead of chunky descriptive passages, Buckell boils them down to their core characteristics and the rest are discovered through the character’s actions and dialogue.” Bibliophile Stalker

About the Author
Tobias S. Buckell

Born in the Caribbean, Tobias S. Buckell is a New York Times Bestselling author. His novels and over 50 stories have been translated into 18 languages. He has been nominated for the Hugo, Nebula, and John W. Campbell Award for Best New Science Fiction Author. He currently lives in Ohio.

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